The Patient Terrier vineyard property consists of 23 acres of vines: seven acres of Pinot Noir, thirteen of Chardonnay and three of Sauvignon Blanc. We farm the vineyard to produce the finest wine grapes possible while remaining good stewards of the land and the wildlife nearby. We believe that the best wine grapes come from vines that find and maintain the proper balance between vine growth and fruit development, all with the goal of picking at the optimal time of ripeness. All harvesting of the grapes is done by hand, in the traditional manner, so as to best preserve fruit quality until the moment before it’s processed into wine.

While metrics like Brix and pH levels provide some sense of historical interest, in fact we pick our grapes based on taste and phenolic maturity. A shorthand for making the maturity determination is the color and taste of the grape seeds – if they’re still green and bitter when chewed, they’re not ready; if, however, they’re brown and mellow tasting, the grapes are ready for harvest.