We couldn’t bear to think of our second Welsh Terrier as the successor to our first, long-lamented one, Harry, so instead of naming him Harry II we named him Harry Too, in the sense of “as well.” As such, we expected Harry Too to be very much like his namesake: a high-strung, incessantly digging and barking and somewhat insane creature; in short, a typical terrier. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Harry Too is the “anti-terrier”. With the minor exception of his desire to destroy every cat on Earth, Harry Too is gentle, kind, loving, loyal and, above all, patient. His greatest desire is to have his muzzle scratched. He waits for permission to eat his food. He enjoys a dip in the pool over digging for gophers. But, still, he’s a terrier. When he wants something he doesn’t give up until he gets it, even if, in his patient manner, it means he just sits and stares at you until your will crumbles. So what better way to honor our patient terrier than by naming our vineyard and wines after him?

The vineyard is not an easy one to farm. Every season presents new obstacles to overcome. However, the effort and patience required are worth it because this vineyard is special. We’re as patient as Harry Too. We accept the hurdles our vineyard presents, knowing that the fruit we harvest each year will be worth our patient persistence. We hope you’ll agree.